I’m Guilty…

I’m guilty 

I’m guilty of being flawed, mean, and a little selfish at times

I’m guilty of being inconsiderate, quick-tempered and stubborn

Lord knows I am guilty of eating more than I should

Guilty of making excuses, procrastinating and insinuating 

I am guilty of holding a grudge, rolling my eyes and sucking my teeth

I am guilty of being honest, straight-up and unapologetic

I am guilty of having curves, thickness and little extra

I am guilty of healthy hips, big deep eyes and curly hair

Oh did I mention my thighs touch


I talk to much


I am guilty of loving, hard, deep and fearlessly 

I am guilty of being an artist crafting my soul for the world to see

I am guilty

but glad to be

by nye harris

(all rights reserved 2013) 


man of my dream

I loved him for his soul 

I loved him for his pride

I loved him cuz he won’t leave my side

I called his name in my dream

deep, dark secrets ; he knew

insecure and naked; he saw

and when I thought I could  break free

of his bind, I became bound again

His eyes found me wherever I hid

but not to judge

not to harm 

not to stare

to offer a hand 

to offer a heart

I pondered the possibility 

me. loved. just for me?

a delightful scare

Don’t Obsess over Success !

Live  your life! Laugh at the little things and for the name of sweet baby Jesus be gracious of the things you have. In life we have many responsibilities,we have goals, dreams and visions. We all want to be successful, but by whose standards? Not our own, if so we wouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. Stop measuring your success by those people around your or on where you think you should be versus where you are. Be excited that you are alive and happy. If you love someone forget about what others think, if you love your job, forget about what you earn and if you are happy in your home why try to upgrade? Our society is obsessed and somewhat driven  by the sad fabrication that bigger, larger and more is always better. I am not saying do not try your best but, do not obsess over success. Be happy and be satisfied!

For the Love of Money

Often times we see people make the strangest decisions. We see people get hurt, abandoned, betrayed all for the love of money. This common thread has gone back to biblical times. People will sell their souls for things that are really not that important. Do not get me wrong, money is important. However, recall on how much bad has happened over the obsession over it. There are bad business deals that have caused to break up families,  relationships, and close bound friendships. I wonder how many times we have made the immoral decisions because of money. When have we chosen a spouse, a career path or situation etc. because of financial motivations. The matters of the heart are much more detailed than that, and truly there are some things money can not buy. I can honestly say I would rather live within my means and be in love than a luxurious disaster any day. At the end of the day, love will prevail.